Anatomy Complete

You are welcome to use the test access to the “Complete Anatomy” application. Enclosed you will find instructions for registration, and below you will find codes allowing activation of access for each interested employee and student of the Medical College (no limit).

Interested users must download the application to their device (laptop, tablet, phone), register an account and activate access with one of the codes below.

The codes are reusable, valid for consecutive calendar months and allow access for 30 days from the date of registration. Renewal of access will be possible by using the appropriate code for the next month.

APRIL redeem code : GI3O1SQ20ANQ (for registration in April)

MAY redeem code : GW4FSW0GLMQK (for registration in May)

Links to useful tutorials:

  1. Learn the basics:
  2. Video tutorials:
  3. Webinars:
  4. For other useful resources for onboarding please go to the Faculty Hub where you can find additional videos for Educators and Students:
  5. There is a very nice YouTube channel run by Professor Alice Roberts, where she shows how she teaches anatomy with Complete Anatomy (67) Lockdown Anatomy – bite size anatomy videos on the upper limb (arm) with me, Prof Alice Roberts. More coming soon! – YouTube
  6. Some materials on how to teach histology with Complete Anatomy: