Local Resources of the Medical Library

To order a book from the local Library resources, a reader who has a library card, graduate card, student card or electronic student card and an active library account may use computer catalogues available in the Library hall in a traditional form or on-line by Medical Library’s website.

The right to use the Lending Desk is granted to:

• research and teaching staff of CM and NCU (50 items per 1 year with the possibility of 120 months extension),
• other CM and NCU employees (15 items per 1 month with the possibility of 12 months extension ),
CM and NCU students (15 items per month with the possibility of 12 months extension),
• participants of doctoral studies and seminars (30 items per 3 months with the possibility of 12 months extension )
• employees of the University Hospital (15 items per 1 month with the possibility of 12 months extension ),
• other persons from 18 years of age, provided they have paid a deposit of PLN 100.00 for each item borrowed to the University’s account (max. 5 items).

Books are borrowed for 30 days, with the possibility of extension to 12 months, month by month (max. 3 days before the return date), provided that no one reserves them. The reader may extend the term of borrowing the book by himself/herself after logging into his/her library account.

You can have a maximum of 15 books on your student account, but you can order 10 books at a time. Please note that if books are not collected within three days (including Saturdays and Sundays), book orders are blocked.

An untimely return of a book is subject to a fee of PLN 0.30 for each day of delay. In the event of loss or damage to the borrowed book, the reader is obliged to buy back the same or a newer edition. If this is not possible, the reader must pay the amount of money charged and collected at the Book Rental.

If you need assistance in extending the lending or in all matters related to the lending, contact the Lending Desk via phone no.: 052 585 3510 or by e-mail: udostepnianie@cm.umk.pl.

Use of the collection at place

All users can use the collections of the Medical Library at place: in the General Reading Room, the Individual and Group Work Room and the Computer Room with the Current Periodicals Reading Room.

In the library hall there are: computer stations with access to the Library’s catalogue and a computer station adapted for people with disabilities along with a scanner, printer and a copier.

General Reading Room

The Reading Room has free access to the book collection, which includes the most frequently used textbooks, monographs, scripts, atlases, dictionaries and anatomical exhibits (skeleton, skull, bones). In the General Reading Room, we keep silence, do not eat meals or drink coffee. It is acceptable to have water in a bottle with a screw cap. You can use your own laptops and digital cameras. The entire resource is arranged thematically in sections. For greater clarity, all books in a given section are assigned the same colored stickers placed at the bottom of the spine of the book. Visually impaired people can use a text enlarger. In The Reading Room is also free scanner for scanning library resources – fragments of books and articles from magazines (only possible to a direct storage device, i.e. memory stick),

Individual and Group Work Room (at pandemia time Room is closed)

The Room can be used by Library users with a valid reader card. Here you can work on projects as a team or prepare for exams together (six study stations for a group of up to 4). The room has a large dry-wear board and general reference book (dictionaries and encyclopedias). You can also use anatomical exhibits (they are located next door in the General Reading Room), connect laptops, netbooks, chargers, etc. You can enter the room with a bag and overcoat. Users are prohibited from using the Room in a way that hinders the use of other Library services.

The Computer Room with Current Journals Reading Room

In theComputer Room, you can use computer workstations to freely use biomedical databases and the Internet for education and research purposes and use the current annuals of printed journals subscribed by the Library. Articles from journals can be scanned (free scanner in the Reading Room).

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