My Library Account

Reader account

After logging in to their own account, the reader can: check active permissions (borrowing, renewing, ordering), check the statistics of lends (number of orders, reservations, borrowed items, messages), check the account history (surname and first name, reader status, location, expiry date accounts, last borrowing and the total number of borrowings so far), extend the borrowing of a given book – the “Checked Out” button, read the information on the reservation or blocking of a given book – the “Messages” button, check the number of books ordered – the “Holds” button.

Search for a book

In the Medical Library, we use the integrated Horizon library program. The module used to search for books and periodicals in the library catalog is Webpac – a window to the world of the Library. The Webpac is accessed from the website of the Medical Library via the multisearch (Online catalog) or via the “Catalogues” tab and then “Medical Library catalogue”. You can also enter the Webpack from computers located in the Library hall from the “Library Catalogue” tab.

Being in the Webpac catalog, we can do two things: order a book or log in to your own library account.

The following catalogues are used to search for books:

• quick, where we enter any expression (e.g. author, issue),
• alphabetical index: author (searching by the names of authors, editors, translators, etc.), title (searching by book or series title), journal title (searching for journals by title – not to be confused with searching for articles),
• subject terms (search by topic),
• ISBN search,
• ISSN search,
• signature search (search by a digital character placed on a book, defining its place in the library).

By default, catalogues are set to search alphabetically, using the first letters of the author, title or subject. It is also possible to search according to the word from the surname, word from the title, word from the subject headings, you should only use the window expansion next to each catalogue, allowing you to make a choice.

Whether we are searching by author, title or topic, the next step is to choose from the list that appears. On the left, individual lists (names, titles or entries) are displayed, and on the right – numbers indicating how many books a given author has written, how many editions of a given title there are, or how many books are described with a key word.

After selecting from the list, if the result is only one item, we move on to the description of the item with the possibility of ordering.

If the response includes several items, select the appropriate edition (e.g. with a different publication date). The Horizon program does not organize the searched editions in terms of the chronology of publication, so you should search the entire list to find the latest edition.

After selecting the appropriate item, we will see a bibliographic description of the issue, the number of copies available in the Library and possible ordering options. Before we place an order, we must first pay attention to the Location and then to the Status.

Ordering a book

There are three Locations in the Medical Library. Only one Location – Medical Library CM NCU allows you to order books. The other two Locations, i.e. the Reading Room and the Depository, do not allow you to order items (even if the Status seems to allow it, e.g. the “Reading Room” Location has the “Available” Status, but the book cannot be ordered, it can only be used in the Reading Room).

After making sure that in the column “Location” there is “Medical Library CM NCU”, go to the column “Status”. We can order a book, if the Status is: Available, Returned. We cannot order a book if the Status is: Borrowed, Unavailable, Item Ordered.

If the Location and Status are appropriate, go to the book order – the “Order” button. Then the login window will be displayed with an entry in the following boxes: Login (card / album number) and Password.

For a 1st year student, the login will be the student record book number/ album number placed on the electronic ID. The password is date of user birthday (year, month, day) and three “0”.

After logging in, the table “Select request type” will appear. The order must be confirmed with the blue “Yes” button on the left.

We go to the “Confirm your closed stack request” tab, where we confirm the book order with the “Request” button. The order will be completed after an hour and will be waiting for the reader for three days, to be picked up at the Library’s Lendind Desk.

After the final confirmation of the order, the following information will appear: “Your request has been successfully placed “. After this message, we can return to the search or log out.

Please note that after logging into their own account, the reader has only 3 minutes to place an order. After this time, Horizon automatically logs the user out.