Medical Library and its facilities

Collegium Medicum  Medical Library of is located within the complex of the University Hospital. No. 1 in the auditorium building, next to the so-called new Pathomorphology. You can get to the hospital complex both from Skłodowskiej-Curie Street, Jurasza Street and Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street, although the Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street is closest to the building of the Medical Library.

Medical Library
Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz
Nicolaus Copernicus University Toruniu
ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 9
85-094 Bydgoszcz

phone no. 052 585-3511
fax 052 585 3505

Entering the main part of the Medical Library, we can see the Lending Desk on the right, the Office and the Director’s Office on the right, a small hall with computer catalogues and on the left, the Individual and Group Work Room and the General Reading Room.

In the Office you can:  get a credit for the library orientation and scientific medical information, make an appointment with the Director of the library, leave written applications and requests to the Director of the library, obtain consent for the use of doctoral dissertation in the Reading room.

phone no. 052 585-3511
fax: 052 585-3505

At the Lending Desk, you can activate the reader’s account, borrow books ordered from the warehouse through a computer catalogue, return the borrowed books, make a payment for late return of books and use periodicals older than the current year on site (in the General Reading Room or the Individual and Group Work Room).

phone no. 052 585-3510

The Lending Desk lends external publications: monographs, textbooks and scripts, in accordance with the Library’s regulations. The lending itself is based on barcodes. Only readers of the Medical Library who have a library card or student ID and an active library account can borrow books.

In the Library hall there are: computer stations with access to the Library’s catalogues and a computer station adapted for people with disabilities along with a scanner, printer and a photocopier.

If the reader wants to import items that are not available in the Library’s collections, the Interlibrary Lending Desk acts as an intermediary in importing original library materials from other domestic and foreign libraries – books, doctoral dissertations, habilitation theses and master’s theses, in the form of photocopies or computer files – articles from magazines and small excerpts from monographs. Original documents imported from other libraries are available only in the General Reading Room. Documents in the form of computer files are recorded on electronic media provided by readers or sent to the ordering party’s e-mail account. The ordering party shall bear the costs associated with obtaining the materials. The prices for the services depend on the libraries and services that deliver the ordered materials and on the cost of postage.

phone no. 052 585-3504

The General Reading Room offers free access to the book collection, which includes the most frequently used textbooks, monographs, scripts, atlases, dictionaries and anatomical exhibits (skeleton, skull, bones). In the General Reading Room, we keep silence, do not eat meals or drink coffee. It is acceptable to have water in a bottle with a screw cap. You can use your own laptops and digital cameras. The entire resource of the Reading Room is thematically arranged in sections. For greater clarity, all books in a given section are marked with the same colored stickers placed at the bottom of the spine of the book. Visually impaired people can use a text enlarger. In The Reading Room is also free scanner for scanning library resources – fragments of books and articles from magazines (only possible to a direct storage device, i.e. memory stick),

The Individual and Group Work Room (at pandemia time Room is closed) gives the possibility of comfortable work in favorable conditions. The Room can be used by Library users with a valid reader card. Here you can work on projects as a team or prepare for exams together (six study positions for a group of up to 4). The room has a large dry-wear board and general reference book (dictionaries and encyclopaedias). You can also use anatomical exhibits (they are located next door in the General Reading Room), connect laptops, netbooks, chargers, etc. You can enter the room with a bag and overcoat. Users are prohibited from using the Room in a way that hinders the use of other Library services.

The Library also has The Computer Room with a Current Journals Reading Room and a Bibliography and Bibliometric Analysis Section.

In the Computer Room located on the ground floor on the left, there are over a dozen computer stations for the free use of biomedical databases and the Internet for education and research purposes. .

phone no. 052 585-3519

Price list of printouts from the Computer Room:

One-sided A4 – PLN 0.40.
Double-sided A4 – PLN 0.70
A4 color – PLN 1.00.

Payment for printouts from the Computer Room in cash only.

Pracownia Komputerowa

The employees of the Section of Bibliography and Bibliometric Analysis deal with the collection and preparation of publications of Collegium Medicum employees and their bibliometric analysis. Since 1995, they have been running the Collegium Medicum Employee Publications Bibliography, updated on an ongoing basis on the website. The Section and the Information and Bibliographic Department are located on the first floor in room 19.

phone no. 052 585-3506


The library would not function without the Department of Collection Development, which collects non-serial and serial publications for the needs of the Medical Library, with particular emphasis on student needs. Employees are waiting for any suggestions for purchasing preferred books and magazines.

phone no. 052 585-3514