Library training

The electronic library training has been prepared for first-year students who will find it easier to learn the rules of functioning and use of the Medical Library, as well as for other Library users interested in expanding their knowledge of the services offered by our Library.

We encourage you to read the content of the websites containing the materials necessary for acquiring knowledge and skills pertaining to the use of the Library and passing the test.

First-year students for whom library orientation is compulsory, must complete the test verifying knowledge about the Library, available on the Moodle platform after logging in via the Central Logging Point (as for USOS).

After getting acquainted with the presentations you must take the quiz consisting of 7 random questions. The condition of passing the test is providing the correct answers for at least 5 questions. Credits will be transferred to protocols at the end of the semester.

Students who have passed this course in a previous degree or in a different programme may request a re-evaluation. For this purpose, a letter to the dean of the faculty should be written with a request to rewrite the grade. The letter should be submitted to the library (library or secretary’s office).

The grades will be entered into the protocols at the end of the semester.

Electronic presentations will not replace visits to the Medical Library and the possibility of addressing questions directly to the librarian, but on the other hand, they provide assistance at any time – the course can be carried out anytime and anywhere, you can come back to it and recall important information without having to visit the library.

Moreover, each of the interested parties can influence the orientation content by sending their comments to the librarians. We will be grateful for any tips, as they will allow you to improve the course. Please send them to