Taylor & Francis E-books

We are pleased to announce access to Taylor and Francis’ multi-domain EBA model e-book collection.

During the first three months (until May 15, 2022) the acquired license provides access to over 143,000 titles in such disciplines as history, philosophy, religion, sociology, archaeology, economics, education, political science, social sciences, linguistics and literature, biological sciences, medicine, social welfare, computer science, law, geography, behavioral science, mathematics, physics, sports and tourism, regional studies, library science, museum science, art.

It is possible to copy, download and print fragments of the books without page limitation (DRM-free), but only for personal use in accordance with the provisions of the copyright law. It is not allowed to send downloaded materials electronically, even for personal use.

The collection can be accessed through the Online Reading Room – https://bm.cm.umk.pl/en/online-resources/

The publications most frequently opened during the first three months, for a total of £200,000, will be available until the end of the contract (15 February 2023). You are welcome to use it!